Bespoke services and personal pricing ...

Every item is different and has its own special value. At Border Framing we recognise that, so we offer fair, competitive pricing to help you maintain the value of your item without incurring unnecessarily expensive costs.

We also have a surprising range of superior ready-made frames and mounts to help save you money too!

Framing for every type of artist:

Vintage pieces?

At Border Framing our bespoke services mean we can frame most types of artwork. Our expert textile framing services can help to preserve your ...

 -  Tapestries

 -  Cross-stitch

 -  Embroidery

 -  Felting

 -  Tiles

Our framing services can help preserve your favourite vintage textiles, photographs, paintings and posters.

Alternatively, if they're already framed but need some attention, we offer frame restoration services too!

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Keeping your memorabilia safe:

You don't have to shut your memorabilia away to keep it safe from harm. Instead, why not have it framed and keep it on your walls where you can enjoy and share it?

 -  Certificates and awards

 -  Medals and coins

 -  Football shirts

 -  Programmes

 -  Posters and photographs